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Layla and the children of light

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Once upon a time, there was a Fear Troll. The Troll could smell fear. The Troll would pick on anyone who smelled like fear. The Troll used Fear to make people think it was strong.

It would find kids who were scared and use fear to control them. The Fear Troll made them feel weak and helpless. This made kids scared to go to school, and of the dark at bedtime.

The longer the Fear Troll could make Tammy hurt other kids, the stronger the power it had over Pike Place school. The Fear Troll's plan was to cast spells on other kids until it had a gang of bullies. Then it would try to make the whole city scared and bully everyone. The city would be filled with crime because everyone would be too scared to help each other. Then no one could have any more fun.

Layla and the Children of Light must not be fearful. The must stop the bully and the Fear Troll. But how can they, when they are scared. 

The Black knight

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My best friend, Ethen, said that I could not be a Black Knight if I do not look like a Black Knight.

Leroy Mother says: 

" Leroy, there are many knights that look like you. For example: Saint Maurice was a great Christian black African Knight. He was the leader of the great “Theban Legion 6600”, a Christian army.

You can be like Saint Maurice and your best friend Ethen can too. It is about charter not how you look."


The book tells the true story of the Theban Legion 6600 and there leader Saint Maurice an African Knight. 

This book highlights the importance of charter and educates children about the little know history African knights. 

Mystery in the Photograph 

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The Mystery in the Photograph (Engineering Concepts for Kids Book 1) 

Work together with Sam, Judy, Ray and Sandy to solve the mystery in the photograph using basic engineering concepts.

The book “ What is it? ” is one in a series of ten books which introduces children to basic engineering concepts and uses third grade spelling words taken from the national spelling list – which is an aid in preparing kids for school spelling test.

The book is fun to read and great for reading with groups. Kids, parents, and educators will enjoy the interaction which comes with reading the book.