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white tea


Current Projects:

  • Wedding Day (Drama)
  • Deceit (Drama)
  • What is it (Kids educational)
  • Victims of Greed (Young Adult)

red tea

Film Production

Current Projects:

  • Save Our Children ( Documentary )
  • Love and Drama ( Commentary )

blue tea


Current Projects:

  • Blockchain Seminar
  • LEM App
  • Building a Second Income

What we do:

We provide compelling stores which keep viewers or readers engaged. We provide cutting edge educational material and seminars which improve lives and productivity. We provide architecture, design, business consulting, and associated engineering documents.

Our lines of business are named after Teas

Our products are like Teas which we serves to satisfy the demand to be entertained, up lifted and educated. We have three types of Teas:

White Tea: Publishing: books, Scripts, and Engineering documents.

Red Tea: Film production: Documentaries , Entertainment, Visual arts and Podcast.

Blue Tea: Innovation: Systems architecture, design, business services, and seminars.

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Hteas has adopted the theme or tradition of the Teahouse into our business practices.

Tea House tradition:

Tea traditionally has often been associated with the arts and philosophy - the Ancient Chinese scholars used the Teahouse / Tea room as a place for sharing ideas. The Teahouse / Tea room was a place where political allegiances and social rank were said to have been temporarily suspended in favor of an honest and rational discourse.