White Tea


The short story "Deceit" is available for download. Here are a couple of lines from the story:

I asked her, “Do you have everything in life you want, and if not, why not?”

Her silence spoke loudly. It was clear she was looking for something.

I told her, “Dare to be great. Forget the things you have been taught and do what pleases you the most. You’re a goddess. You should be living the life of a goddess. The world should revolve around you.”

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The short story called the "The Wedding" is now available for download.

Synopsis: Sebastian and Sarah are getting married today. Sarah is gorgeous. She lights up a room when she enters, and men morn when she leaves. Sebastian has good looks, a successful defense contracting company, and women are crazy about him. Sebastian and Sarah make the perfect couple, yet the wedding might be called off. Sebastian is having second thoughts, love has him confused, and his bride’s integrity is in question.

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