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Blockchain / Bitcoin Training Class and Seminar

Publishing books with blockchain is a new concept gaining traction. In April of 2018 Forbes held a Forbes Talks event with three companies involved in blockchain publishing:, Amino Pay, and Unlock. These companies provide things like management of ideals, distribution of payments, and help with blockchain publishing.

Blockchain publishing is being recognized as a possible disrupt-er in publishing, like the changes which came with the printing press. A successful blockchain publishing wave means more then, just another way to sale a book – it changes how the profit of books sales are distributed putting more money into author’s pockets and enabling readers to own books again.

The subject matter covered in the class and seminar:

- Introduction to Blockchain / Bitcoin

- Authors, publishers and readers relationships

- Smart Contracts

- Smart Contracts and Blockchains are not new

- New income stream

- Security of money / wallet

- Managing digital assets

- How to setup your account

- Insight into the future

- Conclusion